Building Bridges for Positive Change - Part 1

  • New Unity 39A Newington Green London, England, N16 9PR United Kingdom

Building Bridges for Positive Change: Hope, Reconciliation and the Compassion Revolution

We are living in a time of enormous change and challenge. As communities, countries and continents polarise, how can we learn to live as bridge-builders, finding integration in our own lives and at every level of community?

Challenging times present exciting opportunities for ordinary people to unite and Be the Change we wish to see in the world.

This workshop aims to identify and celebrate the remarkable capacity of the human spirit to transcend adversity and live more richly and proactively as a result.

We will learn about Universal Survivors who have overcome division to naturally recognise and model the importance of forgiveness, unity and reconciliation.

We will appreciate the challenges we too have survived and the unique gifts these have brought us, and explore effective ways of moving forward, finding fulfilment through mending divisions and affecting positive change in our own lives, communities and wider world. 

This process will include introductions to the following:

  • United Nations-endorsed Character Education Programme The Virtues Project
  • Universal Survivor-inspired model for transformation, The Accept Perspective.
  • Global “network of networks” Charter for Compassion International.


This is the 1st of two workshops. The two work together but you are also free to attend just one or the other.:

  • 1st or 2nd workshop only: £10
  • Both workshops: £15

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Scholarships are available. Please contact to request.


  • There is a 'bring and share' lunch
  • Please bring food to share if you can

Cake and laughter guaranteed!

About Tam Fowles

Bio: Tracey Ann Martin Fowles is Founding Director of Plymouth and London-based social enterprise Hope in the Heart (, UK Coordinator of Charter for Compassion International, and a Master Facilitator of UN-endorsed global Character Education Programme The Virtues Project.
Tam’s eclectic career has merged positions as a Transpersonal Therapist, Group facilitator, Third-sector Manager, Artist and Adult Educator. She has designed and facilitated creative personal development workshops and courses, in the UK and internationally, for the past 20 years, and finalised the development of The Accept Perspective Model for Transformation in 2012 after working with survivors of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Everything she does is informed and inspired by her personal experience of mental health crisis in her earlier life, and the illuminating journey to recovery.
Tam currently lives in Plymouth and intends to move to the London area in the near future to further develop her newest venture AccepTTranscend, offering coaching, workshops and transformational travel experiences to women seeking new direction and proactive adventure. 
Tam is wife to Alan and mum to three adult children. A lifelong social activist, she is committed to inspiring individuals and groups to make positive change in their own lives, communities and wider world.

Building Bridges for Positive Change

The experience was magical and liberating ..... Tam made me feel totally safe and relaxed ... I emerged transformed, with some amazingly effective tools for the future.
~Dee Aldrich, UK

It inspired me to be limitless in terms of positive thinking, acting and giving. 
~Katlego Morare, South Africa

Hope in the Heart is a reflection of the creative vision, compassion and integrity that Tam Martin Fowles brings to both her work and her life. She is one of those rare beings who combines depth of soul with lightness of spirit, and it is always a joy and a privilege to be involved with her projects.
This one, I feel, is emerging at the perfect time - when our cultures and communities so need to take stock, let go of the past, heal wounds and find ways to truly open our hearts to our connection to ourselves, each other and "all our relations" bring hope to our children and know that that hope will not be stamped out, but will be nurtured and honoured.  ~Claire Lucas

.. Tremendously inspiring, friendly, happy, life-enhancing, creative, educational. ...I gained a huge sense of increased well-being, joy, hope and happiness at just the completely right time in my journey of "emerging from broken"
~Lesley Smith, UK

I'd like to express my gratitude for the workshop as it has brought a sense of empowerment to me.
~Tebogo Goiwakae, SA made me want to be a better person and just improve on my inner-self. I liked how it was so comfortable to voice your thoughts without judgement.
~Faith Maphosa, SA

Since having suffered a breakdown four years ago it is perhaps the most constructive and focused recovery tool I have come across.....this workshop has reminded me of the enormous, profound effect of creativity and self-expression.
~Libby Sprite, UK