People often wonder how to get started and, if they like what they find, to really get connected at New Unity. We have some answers for you!

Sunday Gatherings

The first step is to show up on a Sunday morning. Everyone and anyone is welcome to Sunday Gatherings. Afterwards, there's a coffee and cake time. If you're very outgoing, this is a great time to meet people. If not, you might want to avoid the crowd and find one person to chat with. Our minister is always happy to talk with new people, so don't hesitate to go over to him and say 'Hi. I'm new here.'

Newcomer Gatherings

There is a special event just for newcomers after the Sunday Gathering on the first Sunday of every even-numbered month. It takes place in the Mary Wollstonecraft room at New Unity in Newington Green and offers an opportunity to get to know other new people, the minister, and some other leaders. Newcomer gatherings are informal. There's food and opportunities to ask any question on your mind. Nothing is off-limits. 

Meet with the Minister

Andy wants to meet one-to-one for an hour with anyone and everyone in the congregation, and this is especially true of new people! It's very easy to arrange a meeting. Just go to Andy's Calendly page and choose an available time. Done!

Small Groups

People don't really get to know each other in crowds. Real connections are made in small groups where people have time and space. 

Take a look at the events page to find out more about the various groups available.


One of the best ways to connect deeply with people and with New Unity as a whole is to work side-by-side.  New Unity teams are groups of people that take on a particular area of work for the congregation and/or the larger community. Importantly, that work is grounded in relationship and depth within the team. Teams allow you to contribute, connect, and grow. 

There are currently four teams, the Sunday Gatherings Team, the Pastoral Care Team, the Social Responsibility Team and the Cohesion and Welcoming Team - click here to find out more