Getting started

New Unity is a warm and welcoming place with great vision. We dream of and work for a world where there is justice for everyone, where compassion rules human relations, where people need not fear one another, and where everyone can grow to realise their fullest potential and greatest joy. 

Whoever you are,
you are welcome here

'Whoever you are, you are welcome here.' Each Sunday Gathering begins with these words to say that no matter what  you look like, where you are from, what you believe or don't, what you've done, what weighs on your heart, how you identify, or who you love, you are truly welcome at New Unity. 

New Unity's minister is an atheist and Sunday Gatherings focus on the natural world. Nonetheless, theists and people holding a range of other beliefs are part of the community and are always very welcome.

Come to a Sunday Gathering

Show up for 11:00, dress comfortably, sit anywhere, and feel free to bring your coffee.

The best way to get started at New Unity is to attend a Sunday Gathering. Each Sunday, we gather starting at 11:00 to remember the things that really matter in our lives. It is a time for singing together, hearing wise words that help us to stretch our hearts and minds, listening to beautiful music, celebrating joys, supporting those in sorrow, and connecting with one other.

Just show up any Sunday a few minutes before 11:00 at our Newington Green location. Dress comfortably. Sit anywhere you like. Let us help you feel at home. We finish around 12:30 and have a social time with coffee, tea, and cake.

Watch online

If you'd like to see a Sunday Gathering online before you attend one, you can watch live or previous gatherings on Periscope!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our minister on