Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care Team members are volunteers who have undergone pastoral care training and made a commitment to serve the congregation. They continue to participate in on going training, spiritual support and supervision with the Minister.

The role of this team is to be present, listen and care. Support is usually short to medium term to help through times of particular challenge, members will try to provide information about further supportive services available locally, if these are needed.

The Pastoral Care Team works closely with the minister to support members of the New Unity community with a caring presence and emotional support.
— Pastoral Care Team purpose statement

If you are interested in exploring being a member of the Pastoral Care Team, please click the button to the right.


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Testimonials From Our Attendees

"Meeting with a member of the New Unity Pastoral Care Team (PCT) was exactly what I needed during a difficult time in my life. An empathetic listener, she didn't judge or give advice, and she didn't make assumptions. She created a safe space for me to share my sadness, shed some tears, and work through issues. I'm deeply grateful for her and for the New Unity PCT." 

"When I broke my arm, I realized I would be cut off from my usual activities and staying at home – mostly alone - for several weeks. I decided to try to orgazise a minimum of one hour’s human contact a day.

The Pastoral Care Team was brilliant, providing human contact when I really needed it. The negative experience of injury became a positive opportunity for deepening acquaintance. I felt particularly cheered and supported by the caring support I got from New Unity."


More Info

The Pastoral Care Team meets monthly. Other teams are being planned. If you are interested, contact the minister. He will be very happy to work with you to help you figure out what team best suits your abilities and needs the best.