Recruiting Now: Business Manager

The Business Manager is a new 32 hour per week position that is vital to New Unity’s success. The Business Manager is responsible for the majority of New Unity income generation including management of room rentals and grant applications. The Business Manager is also responsible for planning and managing events and programs and ensuring that New Unity's IT systems are fit for purpose and run smoothly. The start date for this position is flexible but as early as the beginning of November, 2017.

New Unity is a very special community, with a message and mission that’s needed now more than ever - a non-religious church with a commitment to building love and justice in individual hearts, in community, and in the world.  New Unity has a popular and talented Minister, a dedicated and expert staff team, a strong elected leadership, and an active network of volunteers. Our culture is grounded: although we’re very serious about our aims, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This makes New Unity a fun and rewarding place to work.

This is a particularly exciting time to join the new Unity team, as we have ambitious plans to strengthen and grow the New Unity community. Over the next year, we anticipate a very substantial Heritage Lottery Fund award to be granted, enabling us to future-proof our Newington Green building and to bring our unique, progressive heritage to life.

Role responsibilities

  • Generate rental income. Be the first point-of-contact for any sales-related enquiries or issues.
  • Create a strong relationship with existing customers and identify ways to attract new customers.
  • Support and improve member-generated pledge income. 
  • Plan and manage key events and support others.
  • Support volunteer network through project management and meetings support.
  • Manage marriage and civil partnership records and other ceremony logistics.
  • Ensure the smooth running, suitability, and further development of our IT systems.

Person specification

  • You have an astute grasp of income, expenditure and profitability.
  • You’re a great salesperson, inspiring confidence in all customers and suppliers.
  • You love to generate money for a good cause!
  • You enjoy face-to-face social contact with a wide variety of people.
  • You’re able to think on your feet, listening and responding well.
  • People trust you with important commissions / business, and enjoy working with you.
  • You enjoy working with a diverse team, taking overall responsibility for pulling the plan together.
  • You’re creative and resourceful.
  • You understand the technical / legal requirements of events, eg health & safety.
  • You are highly organised and can manage a large number of diverse responsibilities.
  • You communicate clearly.
  • You create ambitious but achievable timing plans / budgets, and stick to them.
  • You communicate well with stakeholders, keeping them informed and on-board throughout a project.
  • You juggle your workload to prioritize the most important / urgent tasks at any given time.
  • You have a good grasp of detail, and a keen eye for accuracy.
  • You have excellent IT skills (e.g. Google Drive, spreadsheets, databases, comfort with online applications), and are able to work across a variety of shared online platforms.
  • You are familiar and comfortable with a wide range of information technology.
  • You recognise when IT improvements can provide efficiency and a positive return on investment.


  • The pay range for this position is £13 to £15 per hour.

Location and hours

  • This role is allocated at 32 hours per week. Your time may be flexible but, ideally, your work should be divided over 5 days a week, to maximise progress on each strand of responsibility.
  • Your primary workplace will be New Unity's office on Upper Street in Islington.
  • You are welcome to work up to one quarter of your hours off-site.

Next steps

  • Please email your CV to along with a cover letter explaining your interest and the match between your skills and experience and the role requirements and responsibilities. 
  • Applications and interviews will take place on a rolling basis. The position will close when a suitable candidate is identified.