We conduct and host ceremonies to mark the many important transitions of life, from the joy of birth all the way to the end of our days. These ceremonies are available to members and non-members alike. Whatever you want to commemorate, we work with you to create a ceremony that's true to who you are. You can write your own vows, choose your own readings and music, and decide what-happens-when. But if you'd like us to help make suggestions, then that's fine too! We have many years' experience of running a wide range of ceremonies, and can offer helpful advice every step of the way.

Our celebrant, Rev Andy Pakula, is an ordained Minister who openly identifies as an atheist. Rev Andy conducts all ceremonies with warmth, dignity and sincerity, and his caring approach will help to put you at your ease.

Built in 1708, our Newington Green chapel is a beautiful Grade-II listed building, adjacent to the Green. It can accommodate 150 people in the ground-floor pews and 20 on the mezzanine floor.

We host many weddings, from traditional to themed (we especially enjoyed helping to create a Star Wars wedding!). We were a prominent campaigner for same-sex weddings - see the article at the end of our news section - and we're proud that same-sex weddings are now a regular fixture at New Unity.


Civil Partnership
We conduct civil partnerships that create a memorable occasion, tailored to you. Our beautiful setting and caring approach help to make your Big Day very special.


Child Dedication
As a non-religious church, we conduct Child Dedications rather than Christenings. These ceremonies include vows from the parents and guide-parents, a blessing from the Minister, and specially chosen songs.

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Coming of Age
Along with many other cultures around the world, we help you to celebrate a child's coming of age, when they reach their teenage years. This marks their continuing development into an ethical, caring adult, and enables friends and family to recommit to helping the young person progress along their journey.


Funeral/Memorial Service
We create ceremonies to celebrate the life of your loved one, mourn their passing and meaningfully reflect on what they have taught us.


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Landmark Anniversary
You might want to celebrate a special birthday, renew your wedding/civil partnership vows, or remember the passing of a loved one. Whatever the anniversary you want to mark, we help you to create a memorable ceremony that you'll treasure.



Other Big Event
Life throws us many other events that we might want to commemorate. Whether it's uprooting to a new location, getting divorced, preparing for the children to leave home, or something else as yet unknown. We believe that you should be able to mark such events with a special ceremony, should you wish it.


Pet Funeral
Pets can have a very special place in our hearts and be a much-loved member of the family. So their passing deserves a special ceremony, too. Our pet funerals celebrate the life of your pet, recognizing everything they meant to you.

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