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Tom Ana

Bright Lights Co-Leader (

Tom Ana is a campaigner, activist and history of art student at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Before joining New Unity he was a charity worker, farmer, burger-flipper, carpark attendent and children's worker. He has worked with children and young people in several countries and also does very boring adult work in support of LGBTQ rights, anti-racism and decolonising eduction.

He joined New Unity children's team as a member of our congregation in 2016 and now spends his Sundays struggling to be the most mature member of our younger children's group. 

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Kate Eden

Communications Manager (

Kate likes communicating. In fact, she does it for a living. In previous roles, she has created communications for famous brands of chocolate, shampoo, ice cream and breakfast cereal. But nowadays she focuses purely on causes that she believes can change the world for the better. New Unity is firmly at the top of her list.

For some bizarre reason, she can sometimes be seen clutching a giant toy crisp.



Jasmine Cooray

Bright Lights Co-Leader (

Jasmine Ann Cooray is a poet and therapist from London, of Sri Lankan and mixed European lineage. She aims to use creative tools to cultivate emotional literacy and joyful expression. In 2013 she was Writer in Residence at the National University of Singapore and was a BBC Performing Arts Fellow with Spread the Word in 2015. She comes to New Unity's Bright Lights Programme with a passion for finding fun ways to ask big questions. She also does an excellent line in cakes and hugs.


Val Welbanks

Interim Music Director (covering for Jon Russell sabbatical)

Canadian-born Val Welbanks leads a busy chamber music career in London as the cellist of both the Ligeti Quartet and the Marsyas Trio. With both groups, Val has performed throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia. Val recently completed her PhD on the pedagogy of contemporary music. She loves the diversity of music at New Unity: sourcing and performing music from JS Bach to John Lennon!

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Jon Russell

Music Director (currently on sabbatical)

Jon Russell is a composer, clarinetist, conductor, and educator, whose work has been hailed as “incredibly virtuosic, rocking, and musical” (San Francisco Classical Voice) and “a fantastically distorted perpetual motion of awesome” (I Care If You Listen). Especially known for his innovative bass clarinet and clarinet ensemble compositions, his works for bass clarinet duo, bass clarinet quartet, bass clarinet soloists, and clarinet ensembles have been performed around the world and are radically expanding the technical and stylistic possibilities of these genres. Jon leads the music at New Unity's Sunday Gatherings: instrumental performances, communal singing and more.


Ally Scott

Rental Officer (


Jean-Guy Sylvestre

Facilities Officer (


Sophie Yau

Finance, Administration & Event Tech Support (

Daughter of a chinese wonder-chef, singer-songwriter Sophie Yau is committed to a life of soup and bread to do what she loves.  In a former life she was a charming evangelical and theology graduate. 

Slight OCD means that she is well suited to the minutiae of financing and administration which is what she does for New Unity and a few other places when she is not music making. A permanent do-gooder, Sophie also volunteers with Citizens UK to co-lead the Hackney Welcomes Refugee Resettlement Team.

Loves mohair jumpers, Michael J Fox and that dog from the Cesar dog food adverts.