You are Welcome Here!

The members of the this community offer a warm welcome to all those who arrive at our doors. Visitors are always thought of as welcome guests at Sunday morning services at Newington Green,  and at any of the many programmes and events on offer. Please visit the Sunday Services page or the Programmes and Events page for more details about the various activities and events at New-Unity. For addresses, maps, and directions, please the the Locations page


Members of the congregation dress in a range of ways for Sunday services - including casual, sporty, and business casual.  (If you are wondering, the minister wears a suit rather than traditional clerical garb.)  Attire for most other events is similar. If you have any concerns about appropriate preparation for any event, please feel free to contact our minister. He will be glad to help.


Our programme for children, Bright Lights, takes place on every Sunday of the month at Newington Green. Bright Lights provides a time for families to be part of the life of New Unity with activities - arts & crafts projects, stories, music and movement - that speak to children. 


The congregation joins together for conversation, coffee and tea after Sunday services and enjoys casual interaction at many other times. You are always welcome at these events.