Throughout their history, Unitarians have stood for inclusivity, reason and social justice including gender equality (we’ve had women ministers for more than 100 years), LGBT rights (we’ve performed same sex blessings for more than 30 years) and the abolition of slavery.

Unitarians support equality of respect and opportunity for everyone. We totally oppose all oppression and discrimination, including on the grounds of any arbitrary or accidental factors such as race or gender, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Our Commitments

Unitarians are committed to affirming and promoting the worth and dignity of every person and the interconnectedness web of existence. We are all individuals, with a right to our own beliefs, but we are also members of society with a responsibility to help make it work. As such it is incumbent upon each of us to behave in ways that respect others and make our community, and our world, a better place for everyone.


Unitarians see human sexuality as a natural and healthy dimension of our existence. We recognise and value its role in bringing intimacy, tenderness and pleasure to loving relationships.

We affirm that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people have the exact same rights as anyone else, including when it comes to getting married.

We have played an active and leading role in campaigning for equal marriage rights, including emphasising our support for it during a meeting with the Prime Minister at Downing Street in 2013. We are delighted that same-sex marriage legislation has now been passed in England, Wales and Scotland. 


As people who place their primary religious concern on life in this world, Unitarians are interested in environmental issues. Historically, we have been deeply interested both in the scientific study of our natural environment and in seeing it as a spiritual. This remains the case today. Many Unitarians are active in environmental and conservation organisations. Unitarian worship often reflects spiritually on these subjects, and also celebrates the natural cycle of the seasons.

Unitarians regard the maintenance of a sustainable, diverse and beautiful environment – natural and human – as essential both for our survival and for our wellbeing as a species.