New Unity is making a difference. Help to sustain and expand that work for 2019/2020!

New Unity is a new thing: a radically inclusive community committed to love and justice. It has a long history of changing our area and our world for the better. From Mary Wollstonecraft’s pioneering feminist vision to modern-day campaigns for equality and fairness, we have come a long way – and have a long way to go. In order to continue and expand New Unity’s work and to achieve the goals of creating a more loving and just world, financial support is important.

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New Unity’s funding doesn’t cover everything. Our community has been fortunate to receive a substantial grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to renovate the iconic Newington Green Meeting House. But this funding is restricted, which means we can only spend it on very particular things. We can’t spend it on our social justice work, existing staff, building works at Upper Street, or running teams and groups.

The New Unity community is precious. All of us have our own New Unity story – a story of how we found a sense of belonging, wellbeing or hope in a world where these can seem scarce. Your financial support is needed to ensure that more people can experience New Unity’s life-changing work.

New Unity’s future hangs in the balance. As congregants, it’s up to us to ensure that this amazing community remains sustainable for the generations to come. Your financial support is one of the most powerful ways to do this.

What is a pledge? A pledge is an individual commitment to donate a specific sum of money within a given tax year. Click or tap on other frequently asked questions below to find out more.

+ Why does the pledge campaign take place?

New Unity relies entirely on its own fundraising to cover operational costs. The operating budget this year is £170k, like last year – but we're incurring £25k in lost income in 2019/20 due to the closure of the Newington Green Meeting House. The organisation generates a significant chunk of income by hiring out the Upper Street building. But this still leaves a shortfall of tens of thousands of pounds, which can only be met by individual donations.

+ Hasn’t New Unity received lots of cash in grants this year?

The Newington Green Meeting House is currently under renovation, and the grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund will fund this life-saving work. But this cash can’t be used for any other operating costs, meaning that everything else has to be funded in other ways.

+ The Sunday Gathering includes a collection. Why don’t we keep this money for New Unity?

Some years ago, the congregation decided that all weekly collection amounts should go to support carefully chosen charities in our local community. New Unity is proud to have supported many deserving causes this way, and the congregation is committed to continuing this programme.

+ When should a person pledge?

People may pledge at any time. The initial request for pledges comes near the start of the new financial year.

+ How can a person pay?

Online bank transfer (either standing order or single payment) is preferred, as this involves no third-party fees and minimises admin work for staff and volunteers.

Account name: New Unity

Account Number: 00028377

Sort code: 40-52-40

Reference: Please quote your name and the pledge year

If you prefer, you can pay by cheque (payable to New Unity and placed in the Sunday Gathering collection or posted to New Unity, 277a Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2TZ).

+ What happens when someone pledges?

Everyone who makes a pledge and supports New Unity’s ethos becomes an official member. Members are entitled to vote and can be nominated to serve as a Trustee. They also receive discounts on certain activities and ceremonies, and when they hire New Unity’s buildings for private events. And of course their pledge is helping New Unity to build love and justice in the community and the wider world.

+ What are New Unity’s priorities for 2019/20?

This year, New Unity stands on the edge of an exciting journey. The renovation of the Meeting House will inject new life into the organisation, recovering the legacy of the area’s Dissenting heritage. Sunday Gatherings, groups and more will continue to grow in popularity. And the rising injustice in the area and the world means that our campaigning and social justice work is needed more than ever. To fulfil New Unity’s mission of building a more loving and just world, financial support is essential.

  • Ultimately, more pledge donations are required for New Unity to grow. This will lead to increased opportunities for congregational participation, building meaningful relationships with each other, and more.
  • It will allow New Unity to improve its social justice work, and to improve the lives of disadvantaged people. Mildmay Ward, where Newington Green is located, is one of the most deprived areas of the UK. More pledges will mean more capacity to campaign against injustice and unfairness in our area and beyond.
  • Work has been carried out on our Upper Street building, but more needs to be done. This will allow New Unity to attract more events and increase rental income.
  • Our staff team needs to be well-resourced enough to handle the diverse workload that a unique organisation like New Unity requires.
  • We need to ensure that our spaces are as optimised for renters as possible, in order to create the most sustainable income streams we can – and to make sure that internal NU groups can make the most of them, too.
  • At present, administration and IT issues take up a lot of staff time which could be better invested elsewhere. Eradicating some of these bottlenecks can only be done with increased funding.

+ How much should a person pledge?

To achieve the goals outlined above, the average pledge for 2019/20 will need to be £400, ie approaching £8 per week. In the 2018/19 financial year, the average pledge was £333 per adult. This is a diverse community, and each of us gives what we can. Some members are able to pledge several thousand pounds. But the minimum pledge is £1, so that no one is excluded based on their means. Even if you can't afford much, please do pledge what you can as a symbol of your support of New Unity and its mission.

Thank you! Every penny of your donation is carefully invested in New Unity’s work, helping all of us to build love and justice in individuals, communities and the wider world.