We're proud to launch our new small group programme, Circles.

This programme helps to build deep connections, provide opportunities to support and be supported, nurture growth, foster deeper understandings of love and justice, and welcome and integrate people into the New Unity community.

How it works: You are welcome to form your own groups with whomever you want to invite or be added to a new or existing group. You might want to be in a group of people who live near each other, who have come to know each other, who have similar interests or concerns, or you might want to be in a group that is as diverse as possible! In any case, a group should have no fewer than six and no more than ten members. Usually, Circles groups will meet twice monthly. The Circles coordinator will also form groups.


We have put together a pack full of suggested ideas and structures for groups to use and modify – including ideas and suggestions for agendas, rules, reflection practices and more. You’ll find all that information here.

Don't forget to let Andy know when you've set up your group by emailing andy@new-unity.org.

Get started:

  • Form your own group and email Andy with the details, or

  • Click here to register to be placed in a group