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Sunday Gathering: Living and Loving Without the Mask

  • New Unity @ Newington Green Primary School Mathias Road London, England United Kingdom (map)
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Our regular Sunday Gathering. An opportunity for wisdom, joy, solace, and community – followed by a healthy dose of caffeine, cake, and conversation.

Gatherings include live music, a story for children, singing, poetry and literature, a talk from our minister, and time for sharing joys and sorrows.

The theme of this week's Gathering will be “Living and Loving Without the Mask”.

When we are born, we don't know how to be anyone but who we are. We laugh with abandon and scream just as honestly. We don't know any other way to be.

As time goes on, we learn that who we are is not good enough. We try to act the way others want us to - the ways that get affirmation and praise. We learn to wear the mask of acceptability. We wear it more and more of the time until, at some point, we wear it at every waking moment and dare not let it down.

Eventually, our true self is hidden so far inside that our relations become just mask to mask. And then, everything is false - no true love, no true anything.

This Sunday: it is possible to let down the mask. It is possible to love.