'I want you to know how much we appreciated your lovingly prepared service last weekend. The chapel was looking beautiful and your own words were just so apt and inspiring. Everyone commented later how moved they had been by the service. You made it so fresh and personal.'

We recognise the importance of a meaningful and deeply personal end-of-life ceremony. It creates a space where the bereaved can express their grief and be comforted. It also allows the bereaved to celebrate the life of the person who has departed, to remember what this person has taught us, and how they have changed our own lives for the better.

As a non-religious community, we believe that the departed person lives on in the memories and the impressions they left upon the world, and in returning to nature to become part again of all life. This is their real and true immortality. An end-of-life ceremony therefore presents an opportunity to recommit ourselves to living with purpose and meaning, taking into ourselves all that was best in our departed loved one.

Our minister can preside at cemetery or crematorium ceremonies, hold ceremonies at our Newington Green Meeting House (from 2020) or elsewhere. Some families prefer to have two ceremonies: a funeral soon after the death, and a memorial or celebration-of-life ceremony some time later. We're happy to work with you in whatever way best suits you. Funerals at New Unity are also bespoke and tailored to meet your needs, helping you to remember your loved-one in the most appropriate way.





Our costs include:

  • Rev Andy's services as a celebrant (including all prior consultation)

  • Hire of the venue

  • All admin support


Our costs exclude extras such as flowers and live music.

We have partnered with a professional music group, the Amici Consort, who are available to hire separately and would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Please contact them here



Next steps

If you have questions, feel free to email Rev Andy Pakula by email (RevAndy@new-unity.org) or by phone (07809 144879). Andy will be happy to meet with you to learn about your particular circumstances and preferences, and help you craft the ceremony that suits you best.