The church where you can't marry

wedding ban.jpg

An Islington church has become the first in Britain to ban full wedding ceremonies – until the law is changed to allow gay couples the same religious marriage rights as heterosexuals. The church admits the loss of wedding ceremonies will mean a cut in income. 

Dr Pakula said: “The Civil Partnership Act of 2005, while a major step forward, deeply wounds religious same-sex couples by denying them the right to formalise their partnerships in the heart of their own spiritual communities. They are being treated like second-class citizens when they are forbidden to celebrate their unions in a way that heterosexual couples take for granted.”

The church, built in 1708, can trace its roots back to a small group of Dissenters who gathered in the area in the 17th century. Dr Pakula added: “In making the decision to not offer legal weddings on our premises, we stand by our values and we say ‘no’ to bigotry, to homophobia and to discrimination against gay and lesbian couples.”