New Unity, a non-religious church in Islington, is proud to be a Living Wage employer

Living Wage.jpg

This week (November 5-11) is Living Wage Week and we want to celebrate all of the 118 accredited Living Wage employers in Islington. The Living Wage – not to be confused with the national minimum wage – is the only wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 3,500 businesses in the UK, who believe their staff deserve to earn a wage that meets the costs of living.

New Unity, a non-religious church in Islington, is one of the borough’s accredited employers. Minister Andy Pakula explains: “New Unity became an accredited Living Wage employer a few years ago. We chose to bear the extra costs because, in a city as expensive as London, it is simply unjust to pay less. As promoting justice is one of our chief aims – we couldn’t possibly seek justice while being unjust! Paying the Living Wage pays for itself. Most Living Wage employers find this to be true. No employee will commit their energy and enthusiasm to an organisation that pays them the least they can get away with.''

Five years ago Islington Council became one of the first local authorities to become a Living Wage employer. A lot has been achieved since then, but efforts continue to ensure as many people as possible are paid the living wage in Islington.