Connecting social change makers in historic Newington Green church

Changemakers Hub.jpg

Amidst minced pies and mulled wine, people gathered in Newington Green Church on Friday for the inaugural meeting of the Changemakers’ Hub – a group to support people seeking social change form connections and help one another.

The 300-year old church seeks to draw on its illustrious history of social activism. Mary Wollstonecraft, a seminal 18th Century feminist philosopher and activist, was a member of the congregation.

“One of the things that’s special about this place is an underlying belief that people can change the world for the better,” said Penny Walker, a volunteer with the church who has worked with several NGOs. “Having radical ideas about how to do that is part of the tradition of this place.”

By the end of the evening, several concrete ideas emerged for how the group might serve its members: as a place for mentorship, as a library for information on how to run a good campaign, or even as a central signpost pointing to smaller, more directed groups in the local area.