The Unity Project
We co-founded this project to provide practical support to vulnerable migrants in our community, including helping with legal casework. Its weekly drop-in center is held at our building in Islington. Volunteers also help with a host of support services, from providing catering to running a creche. The number of successful applications continues to grow, and we're committed to continuing this program.




Living Wage

We're proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer. Partnering with Citizens UK, we work to encourage more employers to take this important step towards fair compensation for all workers.

Local Charities

New Unity donates all Sunday collections to carefully chosen local charities. Many thousands of pounds have gone to help worthy causes in our community. To see who we've supported, click here.

Hackney Citizens

Community organizing

Newington Green Alliance

Newington Green Alliance community building and community organizing.

Extinction Rebellion

New Unity Extinction Rebellion affinity group

Marriage Equality
In 2008, we became the first and only religious establishment in Britain to refuse to carry out any weddings until all couples had equal marriage rights. We're proud of our role in helping to propel a national movement toward full marriage equality.