Once upon a time - in a small pond in the woods - there lived a happy little minnow called Fred. Fred lived a carefree life. He swam around as much as he liked and rested as much as he liked. He ate mosquito larvae - and they were plentiful - so Fred always had plenty of food to eat. Fred especially loved to swim up up up as far as he could where the surface of the water was like a mirror, and Fred could see his own reflection. He admired his sleek little minnow body and his fish-like tail. To be honest, Fred was a bit vain, and he even toyed with the idea of getting some hipster glasses and skinny jeans to complete his look.


one day, Fred swam to the surface as usual to see his own reflection when he stopped suddenly. “What! Am i seeing things or is my tail shrinking? Oh, I must be imagining it.” Fred swam off and forgot all about it. But, the next day, when Fred swam back to the surface, there was no doubt! His tail really was getting shorter. And now he also noticed four bumps along his body. Fred was in a panic. His greatest joy had been his sleek little body and now something terrible was happening!


Fred went to Mrs. fish to ask for help.  “what’s happening to me?” he asked in a panicky tadpole voice. “I don’t know” said Mrs. fish, “but you certainly look different... and I don’t think you’re becoming a fish.”


And Fred went to Mr. crab. “What’s happening to me?” he asked. I don’t know, said the crab, but you certainly don’t seem to be turning into a crab.


And Fred went to see Mr water snake. “what’s happening to me?” asked Fred. Mr. water snake said “I don’t know, but you’re certainly not turning into a snake.”  “I think you should ask wise Mr Frog. He lives on the land and in the water. Perhaps he can help you.”


So Fred swam to the top of the water and waited patiently for Mr Frog. At last, with a great “plop”, Mr. Frog appeared. By now, Fred was in a complete panic.  “what is happening to me?!!!” Fred said...  but his voice was changing too... becoming more of a croaking sound.


And wise Mr Frog said. “Shhhh.... Fred.” “You are becoming. This life is not about simply enjoying the state you are in, although that is important.”  “Life is also a process of becoming - a way of changing and growing to live into your life purpose.” “Now, you are becoming. You must discover your purpose.”


“Oh, wise Mr. Frog” said Fred, “thank you.”  And he breathed more calmly for the first time in days. “I am becoming - but what am I becoming?” Mr. Frog only smiled and hopped away.


“I am becoming. I have a purpose.” said Fred. And for the next few days, Fred swam to the surface and saw his body changing more and more. His head was growing larger, his tail was disappearing, and the four bumps on his body had grown longer and longer.


One fine morning, Fred awoke, swam to the surface of the water and hopped out - a fine green frog. He looked into the waters below and saw all the tadpoles swimming below. He smiled knowingly as he flipped out his tongue to catch a passing fly.