Psychedelics and Mystical Experience

We come together in at this time and this place for many reasons

We bring many longings, many dreams to realise, and much to offer to one another

We know that we come to support and be supported

To love and be loved

To join our strength in the cause of greater justice in the world

And, perhaps, the purpose that contains all the others: we come together to restore to our hearts the truth that we are one

We gather to remind ourselves of the essential unity of humankind

A unity that gets lost in our day-to-day struggles, in our competition, in our striving, in our self protection, and in our fear.

May this flame burn away the most treacherous of all illusions -

The belief that we are alone




Excerpt from ‘The Book: on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are’ by Alan Watts

Every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreaching of the tree. To manifest individuality, every branch must have a sensitive connection with the tree, just as our independently moving and differentiated fingers must have a sensitive connection with the whole body. The point, which can hardly be repeated too often, is that differentiation is not separation. The head and the feet are different, but not separate, and though man is not connected to the universe by exactly the same physical relation as branch to tree or feet to head, he is nonetheless connected—and by physical relations of fascinating complexity. The death of the individual is not disconnection but simply withdrawal. The corpse is like a footprint or an echo—the dissolving trace of something which the Self has ceased to do.

First Impressions of First LSD Experience of March 30, 1964, by Walter Pahnke

The most impressive and intense part of this experience was the WHITE LIGHT of absolute purity and cleanness. It was like a glowing and sparkling flame of incandescent whiteness and beauty, but not really a flame--more like a gleaming white hot ingot, yet much bigger and vaster than a mere ingot. The associated feelings were those of absolute AWE, REVERENCE, and SACREDNESS. Just before this experience I had the feeling of going deep within myself to the Self stripped bare of all pretense and falseness. This was the point where a man could stand firm with absolute integrity--something more important than mere physical life. The white light experience was of supreme importance--absolutely self validating and something worth staking your life on and putting your trust in. The white light itself was so penetrating and intense that it was not possible to look directly at it. It was not in the room with me, but we were both somewhere else--and my body was left behind.

Later, I again went deep within myself, and I had the image of going down deep into a dark, silent pool. Then I had a vision of absolute DIVINE love. It was like a flowing spring of silvery white liquid overflowing upward and was very beautiful to watch and feel. The feeling was of love and compassion toward the Divine and toward all men. I had the insight that all men had this same potential and worth within themselves. All men were equal in the sight of God and to my own feelings at this moment. I realized how I had not taken this enough into account in my past actions.

Message by Stephen Reid


Closing Words

Life teaches us much

Its lessons are sometimes harsh

Turning us inward

Making us self-protective

Causing us to see all as separateness

But the greatest joy in life comes of healing these wounds

Becoming once again connected

Recognising again that we are one

And knowing the truth that we are not alone