Are you ready to burst your bubble? In a time where everyone lives in their social bubbles, we tend to talk ‘about’ each other, rather than ‘with’ each other. This builds up hate and prejudice.

New Unity is delighted to offer free space to The Healing Encounter - a social start-up founded by former theater director and performance artist Valerie Kattenfeld ( - that helps to address these social issues of polarisation and egoism. The Healing Encounter offers workshops that help people to open up and reconnect with each other, through creative tools such as acting, dance, movement, eye-contact, writing and sharing.

Meet on an eye-to-eye level. It’s a physical (instead of a digital) space where judgment is left at the doorstep and everyone who participates is ready to take off their social masks, be seen as who they truly are and ready to see other people beyond their labels. It offers our ego-oriented, competitive and polarised society an alternative: listening; telling the truth; choosing trust over fear.

Core values and vision. Core values such as empathy, self-compassion, vulnerability, presence and community are brought to life through various exercises which are not intellectual, but emotional & physical. These workshops help to open people’s hearts, discovering a common humanity. This core connection can function as a source of strength when we’re challenged to face our conflicts and disagreements. It’s a powerful suggestion of how to encounter even the most entrenched conflicts with love.

What, when, where?
Workshop: 7-9pm Fridays. New Unity @ Upper St (277A Upper St N1 2TZ).
Brexit Healing Encounter: Once a month at the weekend. New Unity @ Newington Green (39A Newington Green N16 9PR).
For more details, see The Healing Encounter.