Social Justice Incubator

New Unity, a non-religious congregation based in Newington Green, is hosting the first open meeting for its Changemakers Hub this Friday. It aims to bring together people with ideas for “greater justice” and those who can help make them a reality

The Doggy Event of the Year

As a non-religious church, we take our inspiration from reflecting on many different aspects of life. And we believe that we can learn a lot from our dogs. What does your dog teach you? Unconditional love? Being in the moment? Enthusiasm? Loyalty?

Believe in Dog HOMEPAGE.jpg

This gathering celebrates dogs we enjoy today, and dogs we remember with sorrow-tinged joy. It’s a relaxed, fun occasion: there are short readings that make us smile, some doggy-related singing, and an opportunity to share what our dogs have taught us. We’ll also take a collection for You’re welcome to come with or without a dog.

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