Help expand what New Unity does and can do!

Your involvement can vary from ongoing to a one-off, and from a more major time commitment, to something that might just take you a few minutes a week. However you help, you'll be making a difference to your community and its mission in the world. If anything interests you, please contact

And if you have a talent you’d like to offer up and it’s not on here, please contact Andy anyway!


Our staff team includes no administrative support. This means less time available to create programmes, apply for grants, tend to buildings, lead projects, and prepare Sunday Gatherings. If you can do some small, short-term projects in your spare time it will help a lot. These can mostly be done from home. Contact Andy to learn more and get a project of your own!


  • Research potential grant funders online

  • Assist in carrying out research to support funding applications


  • Become an ‘Authorised Person’ and register occasional weddings


  • Write a post for the new ‘Voices’ blog section of our website

  • Turn existing photos plus text into Instagram-ready images

  • Find contact info for journalists relevant to NU and its work

  • Find and engage with social media users relevant to NU and the NLHF renovation project, especially on Twitter

Join a Team

There will be a Teams Fair on 31st March when you can find out more about each team, but no need to wait if you’re keen.

  • Sunday Gatherings Team (support great Sundays)

  • Social Justice Team (coordinate making a better world)

  • Connections Team (Help all - new and vintage - connect at NU)

  • Pastoral Care Team (supportive listening and more)

  • Ministry Exploration Team (our 'think tank')

  • Children’s Programme Team (NEW!)


  • Host a Small Candlelight Potluck Dinner Party at the Upper Street building

  • Lead another Games Night

  • Start a group! Books, knitting, running, walking, films, beer, wine, whiskey, cooking.. It’s up to you!