National Lottery confirms life-saving grant to renovate Newington Green Meeting House


A historically significant building

Built in 1708, Newington Green Meeting House has been a home of radical thinking for over 300 years. Mary Wollstonecraft – the so-called ‘mother’ of feminism - frequently attended. And this building housed an influential group known as the Dissenters, who campaigned for religious freedom, the abolition of slavery, and social reform. Its most famous member, Rev Richard Price, was frequently visited by several Founding Fathers of the USA, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine.

Today, the building is home to New Unity, a non-religious church that ‘Believes in Good’. This thriving congregation is proud to continue the Dissenters’ legacy by working towards personal growth, caring community and social justice.


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Renovation plans 

Thanks to National Lottery players, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded £1.73million for major renovation plans.


‘We want to share this vital history with a wider audience: schoolchildren, local community groups and interested parties from further afield’, explains John Bates, chair of the team that submitted the National Lottery bid. ‘We’ll be adding a visitor centre, creating disabled access, and generally future-proofing the building, so it can serve generations to come. We’re immensely grateful to the National Lottery for enabling this to happen.’

Rev Andy Pakula, minister of New Unity, added: ‘We’ve always been a radically inclusive community, but thanks to the National Lottery, we can now take this to the next level: inviting so many different groups to come and explore the Dissenters’ legacy’.

The renovation will take place throughout 2019, with the grand reopening scheduled for Jan 2020. Those 18th-century radicals would have been proud.


About the Heritage Lottery Fund

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